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Undisturbed makes the macOS Do Not Disturb mode really distraction free

The macOS Do Not Disturb (DND) mode is a very useful feature to keep yourself focused while working. It disables the notification banner and sounds. Unfortunately it doesn't disable the Notification Badges on the dock icons. So when you get a new notification the red badge with number of notifications appears and distract you from your work.

Undisturbed solves this problem by disabling the badges temporarily while Undisturbed mode is on. Instead of enabling DND with Notification Center just toggle the Undisturbed icon in your menu bar to enable or disable Undisturbed mode (which automatically enables DND) and all badges are gone and you can stay focused

Undisturbed offers an optional Pro mode which can be unlocked in the app. The Pro mode has additional options like launch on startup, shortcut for enabling Undisturbed and an option for a distraction free notification indicator.

  • Enable DND with disabled badges on your macOS dock
  • Menubar icon for quick access
  • Toggle Undisturbed mode quickly by pressing the Alt key and click on the Undisturbed menubar icon (Pro feature)
  • Enable a distraction free indicator on the menubar icon for new incoming notifications while Undisturbed mode is enabled (Pro feature)

Undisturbed is a free download. Get it here:


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Undisturbed does not work on 10.13.1
    • There is an update available now. Please check for updates if you have issues.
  • Is Undisturbed on the Mac AppStore
    • No since Undisturbed can't fulfil the AppStore sandbox requirements there is no AppStore version
  • What are the system requirements
    • Undisturbed works on Macs with macOS 10.12 and above.
  • Does Undisturbed modify system configurations?
    • Short answer: No.
      Long answer: Undisturbed only alters user facing settings. Undisturbed works with the same settings you can set in for your Notifications Settings
  • Undisturbed crashed and now my notification badges are gone
    • Let me first apologise for this crash. You should definitely contact me that I can start working on a fix
      In the meantime there are two options
      First: You restart Undisturbed and try to disable Undisturbed mode
      Second: If this doesn't bring back the notification badges press the Apple symbol in your Mac's menubar and choose Settings -> Go to Notifications -> Now reenable "Show Badge Icon" for all apps in your Dock
  • Undisturbed doesn't work with a new macOS Beta
    • Mac betas can break the current functions of Undisturbed. I'll try to test those new betas as quickly as I can but sometimes you are faster ;) If so and you see that Undisturbed doesn't work as intended please contact me.